Summer School

Anyone needing registration forms for Summer School may pick one up in the Main Office. Courses offered this year (if sufficient numbers) are: ENG421A, ENG521A, ENG621A, PHY521A, CEO401A, CWS501A, and CWS601A.

Summer School will take place at Colonel Gray High School from July 3rd- August 13th. Classes take place Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 12:00 PM. Please contact Rob MacAdam at if you have questions. Please scan/fax completed forms to Sandra Crossman-Waugh at or (902) 438- 4874


Yearbooks are in!

2016-17 Yearbooks have just arrived. Last year’s grads are welcome to pick their book up in the Main Office. Current students can purchase a yearbook for $30.

Cafeteria Specials

Cafeteria Specials $4.25

No specials next week.

Please order Baked or Mashed Potato, and Salad at first break.

Breakfast cost is $3.00.

Monday- Bacon & Eggs

Wednesday- Ham & Eggs

Friday- Bacon & Eggs


Late Assignment Policies

Math/Science Late Assignment Policy

Work needs to be handed in by the deadline. It is understood that sometimes, due to circumstances outside the student’s control, the deadline may be extended. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss alternate arrangements with the teacher.

Humanities Late Assignment Policy

All assignments must be handed in on the due date. Due dates are an expectation, not a suggestion. If the assignment is not submitted on the due date, the student has missed the opportunity to demonstrate achievement towards the outcomes addressed in that assignment and will receive an NHI (not handed in) resulting in an automatic zero for that assignment.

Due to exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control, an opportunity for an extension may be granted at the teacher’s discretion, provided the student contacts the teacher 24 hours prior to the deadline.