UPEI Nursing Students

Katie Doucette and Heidi Matheson are 4th year Nursing students from UPEI that will be doing their clinical placement here at Morell High until the end of November. Their clinical placement will focus on promoting health within the Morell High School community. They will be visiting classes, doing different health related projects/presentations within the school and creating informational resources for the school to utilize. They will be here Monday-Wednesday each week and will be available to students and staff for anything health-related (within their scope). “

Cafeteria Specials

Daily specials are $4.25.

Friday- Chinese

Monday- Chicken Nuggets

Tuesday- Fries with the Works

Wednesday- Mac & Cheese

Thursday- Steak Sandwich

Friday- Chicken Fingers

Breakfasts are $3.00.

October 3rd- Bacon & Eggs

October 5th- Sausage & Eggs

October 7th- Ham & Eggs

Anyone wishing to have either salad or baked potato for lunch are asked to order at morning break.





Late Assignment Policies

Math/Science Late Assignment Policy

Work needs to be handed in by the deadline. It is understood that sometimes, due to circumstances outside the student’s control, the deadline may be extended. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss alternate arrangements with the teacher.

Humanities Late Assignment Policy

All assignments should be handed in on the due date. Due dates are an expectation, not a suggestion. We all have busy lives and on the RARE occasion that you do not submit an assignment on its due date it is considered late. Late assignments must be submitted within 3 days of the due date to be accepted for assessment. After three days, a student has missed the opportunity to demonstrate achievement towards the outcomes addressed in that assignment and will receive a NHI (not handed in) resulting in an automatic zero for that assignment.

Parent Information for StudentsAchieve (SAS)

Please click on the following link for helpful information and frequently asked questions for StudentsAchieve:

StudentsAchieve for Parents

Yearbook Information

Graduates:  This year’s graduation information will be collected using an online form.  Each student must use the Graduates link on the MRHS website under Academics and enter a password to access the form.  Homeroom teachers, Mr Crawford, Mrs Minnis, and Mrs Vincent have been provided with the password.  Please complete the form before the end of November.