The Intermediate Literacy Assessment will be held April 14, 15, 21 and 22.  It will include reading passages with questions as well as a writing component.  The ILA will be worth 10 percent of the student’s overall mark for the year.  You will receive your child’s individual provincial results in October, 2015.  It is VERY important that students attend on these dates.

Families of Morell Regional,

In May, we will be having our annual and popular Bingo Fundraiser in support of the yearbook publication. We have recently changed the format from the traditional prize format to a cash format. In support of this we are requesting a donation of $10 from each of our families to be submitted to the office in a timely manner. This will be in lieu of the prize donations we had collected in the past, and we hope it will make the process more manageable.  Each donation and donor will be recorded, and all money raised will be put towards this worthwhile cause. Thank you for your support in this matter, and we look forward to a successful fundraising campaign.

Morell Regional Administration

Cafeteria Specials

Daily specials are now $3.75.

Friday- Chicken Burgers

Monday- Tuna Melts

Tuesday- Chili

Wednesday- Pizza & Onion Rings

Thursday- Hot Chicken Sandwich

Friday- Crispy Chicken Wrap

Monday- Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tuesday- Cold Cut Subs

Wednesday- Ham & Scalloped Potatoes

Thursday- Chicken Nuggets

Yearbooks are in!

2014 Grads are welcome to drop into the school to pick up their 2014 School yearbooks. Current students can purchase yearbooks at the Main Office for $25.00.

Morell High SAS Update

Morell Regional High School has been providing parents on-line access to StudentsAchieve for several years. We are interested in trying a new feature of the system that allows us to send an email to parents which will contain student marks and attendance. Emails are sent around 6:00 p.m. each day. They are only sent if new marks or attendance (absent or late only) has been entered within the previous 24 hours.

If you wish to see a sample of the type of information in the auto-notification email, make adjustments to the type of information you receive, or if you don’t want to receive any information in this way, please follow the instructions at the link below:


Student Agenda

Student Agenda 2014-15

Events Calendar

With so much going on in our building, we felt it was time to post a calendar for upcoming MRHS events. Check the link below to access the calendar or click the permanent link to the right (in the Quick Hits) for our Events Calendar.


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