Parent / Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled virtually for Thursday April 15th, 5:00-8pm and Friday April 16th, 9am-12pm, 1-3pm.  Please sign up for a time using this link:    

A few reminders:
Please sign up using the student’s name, then add the parent/guardian name in the comment section.

Teachers will be contacting parents at their reserved times.

Deadline to sign up will be Thursday, April 15th at noon.

Please notify the school if you need support using the sign-up program.

TeacherRoom Courses Taught
Mr. Adams166Geography 531, Canadian Studies 401A, Geography 621A
Mr. Crawford239English 521A
Ms. Compton228Math 611B, Math 521B, Economics 621A
Mr. Gallant240ITC 401A, Math 421, Math 521K, Tech Arts 300
Mr. Gillis112Science 701A, Physics 621A, Science 421A
Ms. Gordon168English 621A, English 300, Writing 521A
Mr. B. Kelly220Music 421/5212/621A, Music 300
Mr. R. Kelly147Carpentry 801B, Math 801A, Industrial Arts 300
Mr. MacDonald229Math 300, Math 421A
Ms. McGee108ABiology 521A, Math 521A, Biology 521A
Mr. Murphy227History 621A, History 421A, Law 521A
Mr. Parker119Phys Ed 401A, Phys Ed 801A, Phys Ed 300
Ms. Sears245French 300, Home Economics 300
Ms. Simmons-Shaw104Peer Helping 601A
Ms. Tessier169Social Studies 300, CEO 401A
Mr. Lamacchia229English 521A, Creative Multi-Media 801A
Ms. McCarron226School Counselor

Cafeteria Specials

Cafeteria Specials $6.00

Friday – Fries with the Works

Monday – Cheeseburger & Fries

Tuesday – Chicken Alfredo

Wednesday – Bacon Grilled Cheese with Caesar Salad

Thursday – Chinese Food

Late Assignment Policies

Math/Science Late Assignment Policy

Work needs to be handed in by the deadline. It is understood that sometimes, due to circumstances outside the student’s control, the deadline may be extended. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss alternate arrangements with the teacher.

Humanities Late Assignment Policy

All assignments must be handed in on the due date. Due dates are an expectation, not a suggestion. If the assignment is not submitted on the due date, the student has missed the opportunity to demonstrate achievement towards the outcomes addressed in that assignment and will receive an NHI (not handed in) resulting in an automatic zero for that assignment.

Due to exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control, an opportunity for an extension may be granted at the teacher’s discretion, provided the student contacts the teacher 24 hours prior to the deadline.


Parent Information for StudentsAchieve (SAS)

Please click on the following link for helpful information and frequently asked questions for StudentsAchieve:

StudentsAchieve for Parents