Updates to Better Learning For All website

New information and data is being posted on the Better Learning for all website as it becomes available.
New information recently posted
  • Class Size Data, Public Schools Branch, 2016-2017
  • Family School Zone Maps
  • School Review School expenditure summary reports including salaries – updated October 28, 2016
  • Home educated students by school zone, 2016-17
Updated Enrolment and Catchment Data should be posted this week.

Morell Family of School’s Review

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of the Public Schools Branch Board of Directors and in accordance with the School Change policy, you are being provided with a copy of a resolution the Board passed on September 27, 2016.  The resolution is in response to the Review of Schools recommendations.

Be it resolved that the Board of Directors accept the recommendation in the Review of Schools for the Morell Family of Schools that a more in-depth study of the Morell Family of Schools be done and that options for a Category II Change be explored for the following schools:

  • Morell Regional High School
  • Morell Consolidated School
  • Stewart Consolidated School 

The Review of Schools, recommendations, resolutions and additional information have been posted on the Better Learning for All website at:


Reasonable opportunities for further discussion, the exchange of data and an exploration of options will be made available to interested persons and affected parties. Once the final report and recommendations have been completed, the Board will receive public input over a 60 day period before making its final decision.

A hard copy of this message will be sent home with students tomorrow. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

Public Input

The public is invited to provide input on factors to be considered during the Category II Study consultation period. Input will be received until November 30, 2016.
One method to provide input is by using the online form which can be found on the Better Learning for all website.

School Review Link


Information will be added to this page as the review continues. By providing easy access to this information, we can ensure that our school communities are kept well informed.

Cafeteria Specials

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December 12th- Ham & Eggs

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Anyone wishing to have either salad or baked potato for lunch are asked to order at morning break.