Planned Outage for StudentsAchieve

Please be advised that there will be a planned outage for StudentsAchieve beginning in the morning of Thursday, October 27, 2016.  This outage will affect access to StudentsAchieve for teachers, parents, and students.
The nature of the change makes it difficult to plan the exact time when the system will be available, but estimates place the outage at 24-48 hours.

Morell Family School Review Update

Following is the most up-to-date schedule of public meetings and opportunities for small group presentations.

Stakeholders have two options:

  1. Individuals and small groups can book a 20-minute time slot on one of the dates listed from October 24 to 28. The exact locations will be determined shortly.
  1. Individuals and groups can also book a time to present at one of the six public meetings from November 1 to 10.  These meetings will be held at the high school of each family under review.

Individual and Small Group Presentations

Tues, Oct 25, 1:00-6:00 p.m., Morell

Public Meetings

 Morell family of schools: Morell Regional High

Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Times for presentations can be booked by emailing Bob Andrews at

Morell Family of School’s Review

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of the Public Schools Branch Board of Directors and in accordance with the School Change policy, you are being provided with a copy of a resolution the Board passed on September 27, 2016.  The resolution is in response to the Review of Schools recommendations.

Be it resolved that the Board of Directors accept the recommendation in the Review of Schools for the Morell Family of Schools that a more in-depth study of the Morell Family of Schools be done and that options for a Category II Change be explored for the following schools:

  • Morell Regional High School
  • Morell Consolidated School
  • Stewart Consolidated School 

The Review of Schools, recommendations, resolutions and additional information have been posted on the Better Learning for All website at:

Reasonable opportunities for further discussion, the exchange of data and an exploration of options will be made available to interested persons and affected parties. Once the final report and recommendations have been completed, the Board will receive public input over a 60 day period before making its final decision.

A hard copy of this message will be sent home with students tomorrow. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

Public Input

The public is invited to provide input on factors to be considered during the Category II Study consultation period. Input will be received until November 30, 2016.
One method to provide input is by using the online form which can be found on the Better Learning for all website.

School Review Link

Information will be added to this page as the review continues. By providing easy access to this information, we can ensure that our school communities are kept well informed.

UPEI Nursing Students

Katie Doucette and Heidi Matheson are 4th year Nursing students from UPEI that will be doing their clinical placement here at Morell High until the end of November. Their clinical placement will focus on promoting health within the Morell High School community. They will be visiting classes, doing different health related projects/presentations within the school and creating informational resources for the school to utilize. They will be here Monday-Wednesday each week and will be available to students and staff for anything health-related (within their scope). “

Cafeteria Specials

Daily specials are $4.25.

Friday- Chicken Fingers & Fries

Monday- Fries with the Works

Tuesday- Toasted Western

Wednesday- Grilled Hot Dog & Fries

Breakfasts are $3.00.

October 24th- Pancakes & Sausage

October 26th- Bacon & Eggs

Anyone wishing to have either salad or baked potato for lunch are asked to order at morning break.

Late Assignment Policies

Math/Science Late Assignment Policy

Work needs to be handed in by the deadline. It is understood that sometimes, due to circumstances outside the student’s control, the deadline may be extended. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss alternate arrangements with the teacher.

Humanities Late Assignment Policy

All assignments should be handed in on the due date. Due dates are an expectation, not a suggestion. We all have busy lives and on the RARE occasion that you do not submit an assignment on its due date it is considered late. Late assignments must be submitted within 3 days of the due date to be accepted for assessment. After three days, a student has missed the opportunity to demonstrate achievement towards the outcomes addressed in that assignment and will receive a NHI (not handed in) resulting in an automatic zero for that assignment.